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DURA-FLEX Liquid Rubber 

The aplication

The product : DURA-FLEX
Rubberize Just About Anything

Spray or brush - one coat application
UV Resistant
Environmentally friendly
Cures to a seamless membrane
Corosion resistant
Chemical resistant

Our Services
  1. Soft Wash Roof Clean
    Soft Wash Roof Clean
    Replacing a roof is the single most expensive maintenance item on any home. However, many homeowners neglect any preventative maintenance to their roofs. We can extend the lifespan of your roof by years for a fraction of the cost of roof replacement.
  2. Waterproof Application
    Waterproof Application
    Bonds to most construction materials; Seamless waterproof coating that protects against corrosion, water damage and chemicals; Elongates 30% with 95% recovery; Sealant withstands thermal cycling; Puncture resistant; Significant installation cost savings for customer; Minimal surface preparation required; One coat sealant system
  3. Spot Repair
    Spot Repair
    Cost effective Spot Repair and color match It is environmentally friendly, easy to use and cost effective. And with over 800% elasticity, this waterproofing coating expands when it needs to! And, it can be applied as a sealant to most surfaces – concrete, wood, even rusty old metal to name a few. There are unlimited uses for this innovative coating technology.
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What You Can Expect
Creative Solutions
Innovative product.  Fast application.  Eco-friendly
We are professional
Our staff is well trained on the application and safety requirements.
Standing in times
Our work is guaranteed for 5 years with a life expectancy of 15 - 20 years.
Innovative tools
Dura-Flex Liquid rubber is an innovative product specifically engineered for extreme conditions and provide exceptional adhesive, elastic and protective properties.
 Why is Dura-Flex Liquid Rubber Considered Non-Toxic?
The main reason is there are  LOW VOC's in our product. What are VOC's? Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are emitted as gasses from certain solids or liquids. VOCs include a variety of chemicals, some of which may have short- and long-term adverse health effects
Is Dura-Flex Liquid Rubber Suitable for Salt Water?
Yes - suitable for NaCl - We are also suitable for many other chemicals.

Can additional coats be applied after the original has been completely cured and has been in use for a year?
Dura-Flex is not like an epoxy based system - where each coat is autonomous from the other. After a year, we would recommend cleaning the coating with pure green - rinsing thoroughly, then allow it to completely dry and ensure there are no living organisms on the surface (i.e. kill algae with a 5% mixture of regular bleach and water). Then apply the additional coat(s) of Dura-Flex. During the curing process, the old Rubber Coating and the new will "self-meld" together and form a seamless layer or "patch" if you are repairing a damaged area.
Can Dura-Flex Liquid Rubber  be Painted?
Yes Dura-Flex is paintable - Only use exterior grade latex paints (waterborne) with 100% acrylic binders; this provides maximum adhesion. They are very flexible, so they continue to adhere even when temperature changes cause the surface & the rubber to expand and contract. This elasticity helps prevent chipping, peeling, flaking and other common paint failures (Fewer Repaints Over The Years). NOTE: Do not use Oil-Based Paints.
How long does it last?
While Dura-Flex has been tested to maintain it's characteristics for up to 5 years. We safely state that you can expect the material to last 15 years.
Can Dura-Flex be applied to vertical surfaces?
Yes, Rubber can be applied to both vertical and overhead surfaces. Rubber Universal Grade (UG) is perfect for these applications because of it's thicker consistency.
Is protective equipment necessary when applying Dura-Flex?
To put it simply - NO. However, common sense should always be used when applying any coating product. Whether spraying or rolling/painting it on, we do recommend protective eye-wear and latex gloves at a minimum. We also recommend wearing clothing you don't mind messing up. Once the Liquid Rubber dry and vulcanizes, it is very difficult to remove from unwanted areas - so proper preparation of surrounding areas is necessary.
How long does it take for Dura-Flex to dry?
Depending on relative humidity (see specifications) and how Dura-Flex is applied:
When Rubber is applied utilizing a sprayer - Drying until "tack" is less than 1 minute, surface drying takes approximately 2 hours, deep drying - 24 to 72 hours and it completely vulcanizes in 2 to 7 days. These times are considerably reduced during the warm summer months, and it is recommended to allow Dura-Flex to dry in direct sunlight.
When Dura-Flex is applied with a brush or roller - everything is the same as above with the exception of "tack" and surface drying - this will take from 30min. To 3 hours. Again, dry and cure times are considerably reduced when applied in the summer months, and it is recommended to allow Eco-Rubber to dry in direct sunlight.
Because Dura-Flex is water-based, drying times are dependent on humidity the above times are based at 55% relative humidity. The Rubber must not be applied in open spaces with high rain probability

Is Dura-Flex environmentally friendly
Yes - Because Dura-Flex is water-based, non-toxic contains low VOC's - it is considered a "Green" product. 
How do I apply Dura-Flex?
Dura-Flex can be applied in a combination of several ways:

It is recommended that the area is thoroughly cleaned per the application instructions and free of all petroleum based products.

About Us

Our application is environmentally friendly, easy to use and cost effective. And with over 30% elasticity, our waterproofing coating expands when it needs to! And, it can be applied as a sealant to most surfaces – concrete, wood, even rusty old metal to name a few. There are unlimited uses for this innovative coating technology.

We maintain and waterproof almost anything.

  • 5 Year guaranteed
  • Life expectincy of 15 years
  • Proffessional Aplicator
  • Supplier endorsed